Kathy Bates + Annie Potts. Weird, eccentric, character actress with a dark/odd sense of humor and a streak of volatility


Bettina Skye has been working as an actress for as long as she can remember. She was accepted in to The Actors Studio as a teenager and had the opportunity to study with Lee Strasberg until his passing. Over the past many years Bettina has worked in over 100 films and television programs.

Bettina recently won Best Actress Award for role of landlady in "A Tall Drink of Walter" at Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival as well as Best Actress Award for the role of creepy mother in "Play Date" at the BrightSide Film Festival. In 2012 she won the prestigious award of Best Actress in The Hudson Valley. Steve Buscemi won for Best Actor that year. Some films currently making the festival circuit are: Happily Ever Ally, A Cosplay Life,  Better Safe Than Sonny, Go/Don'tGo, and Talking To God.  She can be seen on Netflix in "Orange is the New Black", and "Super Dark Times." On Amazon in "Collar," "Landing Up", "Death Before Discomfort" and "Night Job." You can also purchase "Teenage Bloodsucking Bimbos" (AKA Girls Just Want To have Blood") from Amazon, and the award winning series on Youtube: "Demon Doctor."